Registered  UK Charity  No. 1127571 Background music  -  Higher Consciousness  -  Kind permission of Philip Chapman and New World Music ran straight down stairs completely naked to ring   the vets. The vets said to me,  we do not understand this, but Monty is getting better. Based in Cornwall  -  U.K. Telephone:  UK: 075 811 37 649  -  Overseas: +44 75 811 37 649 Chosen by my doctors in spirit,  to help with pain and suffering here on earth We are a small registered charity Helping our patients in the UK,  and all over the world people and animals DONATIONS Mail:
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Reverend Malcolm will always talk to you in person Email: M.S.H.A.W.   M.C.C.H.A.W.

Personal Appointments,   Distant healing,  UK and anywhere in the World

Home Visits,  Group Treatments

  Patients contact me after all else fails,  we will even ring you back free,  mobile included  (UK only)

We love treating People and Animals

Spiritual Healing,    its natural,    its safe,     its spiritual,    and it works Right:  Reverend Malcolm treating a human patient Photograph taken on the  balcony at our  Spiritual  Healing  Sanctuary  Click on the photographs right to read peoples usual  questions or queries. Left:  Reverend Malcolm treating a Rottweiler Photograph taken in the garden at our old Healing Sanctuary.  Click on the photograph  left for information on distant healing for people and  animals. home page photo fact sheet.pdf Distant healing the facts 2016.pdf Reverend Malcolm International  Spiritual  Healer Reverend Malcolm  with  Cherie October 2017

One of most natural and oldest forms of healing

known to man

Used for thousands of years by many countries and cultures